Peace Pilgrim

This Site is Dedicated to Peace Pilgrim and I am Bless to have Discovered her book over 3 decades ago. My Goal is to Spread her words of Wisdom: in the Name of World Peace: 'overcome evil with Good, falsehood with Truth and hatred with Love'



Beacon in the Night 

By Robert James Karpie 

As the complicated currents of Life's turbulent waters brew and blow the stormy situations through the winds of Time upon us, we weather forth through the Sea of Destiny on Faith; like a ship guided by a beacon in the night. The signals are there, 'seek and we shall find.' The course is set, it may get rough. But as long as we follow our Heart --- to *** 'overcome evil with Good, falsehood with Truth and hatred with Love', we can't get lost. Cause God is Shining Upon and Within Us like a Beacon in the Night. So, Shine on, Fear not and Behold the Good Tidings of Great Joy as even Death is a Personal Privilege along our Journey. 

*** Peace Pilgrim! 


"Truth is akin to Cool as Both are Repulsive to the Un. But, when Ignorance is Ignored; Stupidity is Justified..." Robert James Karpie

“… we put material things above People, vengeance before Love and greed before God?” — Le Ly Hayslip; ‘When Heaven and Earth Change Places‘