Fact check: Did Joe Biden really call himself ‘an Obiden-Bama Democrat’?

Joe Biden has been been a gaffe-machine throughout his political career. Even before he was Vice President, he was laying out some real head-scratchers that earned him a reputation of not always been the sharpest tool in the shed. But over the past few months as the Democratic nomination process has gone into full swing, the 77-year-old Biden has demonstrated lapses in cognitive ability that go far beyond his old gaffes.

This should be an alarm bell for voters who understand the President of the United States must have all of his faculties operating properly in order to do the job well. It has sparked conspiracy theories about Biden being replaced by Hillary Clinton or being a pawn of the Deep State and The Swamp, theories that aren’t as far-fetched as some may believe. Considering he has difficulty saying his own name sometimes, these theories may actually be demonstrable very soon.


“An O’Biden, Bama Democrat.”

No that’s not a typo.

He can’t even say his own last name properly anymore.

How much longer will this poor elderly man be propped up by the Democrats before he is allowed to retire with any degree of respect?

Among the many clips floating around social media, this isn’t the most damaging. He says things that are outright silly, pointing at clear lapses in his ability to access his mind consciously. But what this particular misspoken flub tells us is his mental acuity may be even worse than rumored. Saying one’s own name is deeply embedded into our brains. This is why we can hear our names quietly spoken even in rooms where many conversations are happening at once. Self-awareness allows us to speak our names fluidly and without effort.


But not for Joe Biden. He has to apply conscious thought to his words, even the easiest ones like the name of the man he worked with for eight years and his own name. The blending of “Obama” and “Biden” into “Obiden Bama” is a sign of dementia. It may not be politically correct to point that out, but it’s the truth.


America needs a Commander-in-Chief with full control of his own mind. That seems to be far from the case with Biden who is struggling to express himself before experiencing the stresses of being president. And no, being Vice President isn’t the same. Not even close.

This is one of the worst mental lapses by Joe Biden because it demonstrates dissociation with his own name. Those with standard mental acuity cannot misstate their own names without trying. It’s time for Biden to acknowledge his ailment.