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America — Good or Evil?


It is Time to Change the Dirty Diaper!
Believe it or Not, America Is Not a Democracy, Nor a Republic Anymore; as we have Degenerated — Into a Corporatocracy. Infact, Current Events are Dictated and Manipulated Daily — World-wide; by a Multi-International Conglomerate of Fascist Interconnected Corporations.

Unfortunately, It has been going on for far too many years? Why? Greed! — International Policy, “Organized Irresponsibility”, A ‘New World Order‘…

Ultimately, a Fascist Government Takes Control of ALL Main-Stream-Media, Spies on You and Seizes All You Firearms. Wake Up AMERICA! We were Hoodwinked. Our FREEDOMs have been Seized by ‘Corporate Fascism’.

Life is a Matter of Perspective:

Attitude, Attention and Awareness!

Both Truth and Lies are Subjected to Consequences. Times Change, and People Change. But Right or Wrong; Circumstances Vary Accordingly!

Mankind is Subjected to, Divine Universal Laws!

God Is The Personification of Love… God’s Love is the Prerequisite for Humanity. Humanity is God’s Work, in Progress.

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Four old crotchety “old coots” that still have something to offer: Clarence, Max, Henry and Serge, are tired of feeling like “inmates” in their senior citizen home, “Prudent Paradise,” but they call hell and decide to change things, including the name. Social Security is their new home and their motto is “I intend to enjoy my twilight years,” and, boy do they…with a bar, co-ed rooms, and every freedom they can think of, especially freedom of speech.

Crotchety is “an adjective used to describe an ole person” who is in their “golden years” and hate it and life but also seem to think that they have more to say and others need to listen. These four have much more to say and Social Security becomes their platform. “Social Security” is the stage for these old men to vent and rant about all sorts of topics, such as capitalism defeating communism, prescription drug manufacturing being a highly lucrative business with almost no competition, 9–11, Enron, and the mark of the beast (666) vs implants.

Within their speeches to each other and others are “gems,” little nuggets of truth, such as: “man used the Word of God as both a source of Pleasure and Peace and as a tenant of Fear and Damnation,” or “Evil is but wrong living as it is “live,” spelled backwards,” also “Ironically, the churches promote bingo, while the states are obsessed with more and more lottery revenue, not to mention taxes,” and finally, “Fear is life’s greatest mystery while Faith is its greatest secret…Fear is inferior to Faith as it is nothing more than a lack of Faith.”

Among these “mini-articulations” the men, who show they are all still functioning, well-thinking older gentleman, quote some famous characters like: T.S.Eliot, Chief Justice Burger, Gandhi, Jonathan Livingston Seagull, Kahlil Gibran, and James Madison, too name a few. “Social Security” is a well-written book that includes social commentary mixed with love, death, romance, crime, drama and freedom for senior citizens to live the way they want too.

Robert J. Karpie has a writing style that hooks the reader. I read “Social Security” in one setting as it grabs the reader from the beginning as you find yourself rooting for the four “old coots” and their dreams. The author’s view into the world of the geriatric mind-set is outstanding. I highly recommend “Social Security.”

Ironically, The First 2 Reviews that I got on Amazon were 5 Stars! But Then Suddenly, they Disappeared? The US Government, took down their website that I mentioned in the Book? Then, I started getting bad reviews? I was not allowed to advertise on Twitter or Facebook for the last decade? I got no responsive when I contacted to find out Why?

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Social Security: Immaculate Deception — A National Disgrace, by Robert James Karpie

 Four old codgers are sick and tired of the abuse and neglect which occurs daily in their old-folks-home. Max has a broken leg for getting involved as he tried to help his buddy Thomas with his bed pan. Unfortunately, Thomas is now in the intensive care unit at the county hospital. He is in a coma. Another resident, Marge Taylor; has been repeatedly b …

It Is Our Mission To Bring Peace ON Earth!

Conscientious Objection is Vital…

Become One With God

B4HEART — Humanity Envisioned And Realized Together! Make America Great Again!

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God Bless Ed Snowden — An American HERO!

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