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Hello Robert Training What have you earned so far?
If you are not earning yet, quite simply, you are not yet following the system.

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Claim Your Check Training #2
Claim Your Check Training #2 explains why
    "Claim Your Check" is the your key to riches.
     How, by making it easy for EVERYONE to earn a little, it makes it easy for anyone to earn a lot!
     This short message shows how and why if you find just 2 people that want to earn for free...
     and they find 2, etc through 10 levels... your income can exceed $4,000 per month!
     Then it shows how to parlay this into into Soooo Much More!
     Shows that even if you don't think you can do this... Even if you are SURE you Can't!...
            We PROVE THAT YOU CAN... and show step by step why!

In our prior training sessions we've covered...

1.  How you can earn your first check immediately.
2.  How you earn Commissions of up to $1,500 and more on big ticket items, with no investment
or selling of any kind.
3.  How by simply sharing this unique FREE opportunity with only 2 people you could earn over
$7,000 per month!

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4.  How our Infinity Pools allow you to earn from the purchases and sales of every member and every
site within the entire Solutions Network.
5.  How our unique system allows you to earn like the larges corporation, but...
You do it with No Investment, No Employees, No Stocking merchandise, etc...
6. Why You Can't Lose.
7. Who We Are.
They Key to Success??  Do A Little Every Day!

How much have you earned so far?  If the answer is nothing, yet-- the question is...

                                           WHAT'S HOLDING YOU BACK?
If you haven't yet taken time to earn a check or two, it's probably because you just don't think it works.
You're probably thinking what's the catch or is there a catch?  I'm the first to say that I understand if in
the back of your mind you are thinking "you know what they say, if it sounds too good to be true..."

Yes, it does sound too good to be true.  I worked really hard to create a system that was so powerful that
it was unquestionably better than anything else available.  I guess to a degree, we are a victim of our
success.  We have a great program that requires no investment and that absolutely anyone can make money.

I can see how that can be hard to believe.  I can see how you or anyone else could be skeptical.  And there's
nothing wrong with that.  There are so many people and companies  out for your hard earned money that
you'd be silly to take anything or anyone at their word.  Blindly jumping in is a great way to put a lot of
money at risk.

I understand your skepticism and discernment.  Don't take a chance.  Don't put yourself or family in a
position to lose anything.  You may have burned before and you certainly don't want to get burned again.
But realize that sometimes the mistakes of others can have a tendency to create a degree of skepticism that
can almost freeze a person from making a decision that can actually be good for them.

While examining your site, training literature and deciding if this is for you...
Keep this in mind.
                     WE WILL NEVER ASK YOU FOR A PENNY!
Let this fact serve as a clue as the nature and integrity of this company.    We don't ask for your
money because we don't need it.  WE ONLY MAKE MONEY IF YOU DO.  And we KNOW that by following
this system, YOU WILL MAKE MONEY.  We don't want your money.
We want your committment.  With your committment, we both win.

Any good decision always results from a cost benefit analysis.

In other words...

With ASN, that's a no brainer.  Because remember there is never any cost!  We have not, nor will we ever ask you
for a dime!  There is no failure, there is no cost, there is no RISK.

The only question is HOW MUCH WILL YOU MAKE.  And remember, you can...

EARN 15 POINTS RIGHT NOW, for FREE and it will take you less than 15 minutes!
For 15 minutes of effort and not spending even one dime, you have earned 3 checks!
You can earn those checks right now by going to

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You can keep going and within 30 minutes you can earn 100 points and earn every
Infinity Bonus we offer!

Fast Start Bonus
Eagle Bonus
Group Bonus Overrides
Bronze Bonus
Silver Bonus
Gold Bonus
Platinum Bonus

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Free Services, Quotes and Trials.
Our sister company with many real estate and financial services.
Companies and Services used most frequently by our members.
Non-US companies, mostly for UK and Canada.  Many more countries soon to be added.

No company makes it easier to earn a check.  SEE WHAT MEMBERS ARE SAYING...

James Blake wrote
Hi Bruce...
Thanks again for everything...My first 45 days in business you have paid me over $500,
Plus, Infinity Bonus payments still to come.  AllSolutions Rocks!

E Hines wrote
The All Solutions System is better than the battery commercial, the Bonuses just keep
coming and coming, Thank You Bruce for a solution that works, all I had to do was follow the
simple steps and I got paid for my efforts Fast.

J. Nagy of Florida
You don't know how many other companies I have tried before without success. Usually
all I did was LOSE money. Now Thanks to your company I finally did it!

G. Prancer writes
I have tried for 2 years to make money on the internet with no success....spent plenty
of money trying, but never made any money back.  I am now qualified for 3 different
checks from you according to my calculations and now there is a "Bonfire Burning"
Thank you for introducing this site to us!!!

Does the cost of failure outweight the benefits of success?

You've seen what others have said.  You'll notice we have never asked you for a dime.
We never will.  There is no cost.  There is no risk.

You have a world of opportunity to Gain and absolutely nothing to lose.

If you haven't earned anything with ASN yet, take a moment to earn your first check.

Once you've earned the first, you'll see how easy it is to earn the Second... and Third...
and Fourth... etc...

Don't spend a dime.  Don't take out your wallet.  Keep it.  Just go Claim Your Check and
watch as a world of NO RISK OPPORTUNITY unfolds for you.

Go to

Until tomorrow.

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Tony Jacondino

If you haven't done so...
Make sure you see our new TRAINING VIDEOS with many more to follow.