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Make the child in your life safer this Halloween.atom

Posted by Robert Karpie on

From Our Friends At Missing and Exploited Children: 
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Make the child in your life safer this Halloween
Dear Friend, Halloween is one of the most exciting days of the year for children. But parents and guardians know it also brings with it some potential dangers. Because of that, it is very important for parents to talk to their children about safety before they head out for a night of trick-or-treating. That's why we're sending you these Halloween Safety Tips. From making sure children stay together while trick-or-treating to planning trick-or-treating routes in familiar neighborhoods with well-lit streets, these easy and effective tips will help ensure a safer night of fun. So this Halloween, please take a moment to review these basic safety precautions with the children in your life and help make this a Halloween filled with tricks, treats, and safety.   donate-button.png
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